How many Conservatives does it take to fill a pothole?

Yes another comedy road repair by comedy Conservatives

How many Conservatives does it take to fill a pothole?

Published on Sun, 18/03/2018 - 19:48

Surrey has 11 Conservative MPs and 56 Conservative Councillors but still Surrey’s roads are some of the worst in Britain, with one estimate suggesting some 20,000 potholes needing repair…


The photo above is a stretch of road in Woldingham. This has been repaired badly over and over and over and OVER again for YEARS. Each time the repair is a joke. The latest bodge repair lasted two days and the tarmac all fell out. A UKIP council would only pay contractors ONCE to repair holes, if they failed within a year, they will have to come back and fix the holes at their expense, not taxpayers. 


FATHER OF THREE KILLED BECAUSE OF BADLY REPAIRED POTHOLE...A three-day inquest into the tragic death of cyclist Ralph Brazier, a father of three, heard that the pothole which caused him to crash had been ‘repaired’ just three weeks earlier…read Get Surrey report HERE.


A child could work it out, Conservatives can’t…


Conservative Council policy is to LEAVE small holes until they are ‘at least the size of a football’. This silliness would puzzle a child; if small potholes are not repaired quickly, they only get bigger and more expensive to fix. Bigger holes cause worse damage to the tyres and wheels of cars, motorbikes and cycles…and cost more in compensation.


Council Tax payers are being ripped off.


Bigger holes, after repair, are also more likely to fail. Surely the Tories and the contractors know this?


School children know this too…


Frozen water expands, so when water gets into a badly repaired pothole and freezes, the frozen water expands and breaks up the repair. Conservatives seem to have forgotten this basic fact of physics. Water alone in a cracked road also accelerates the breakup, as hydraulic pressure from passing traffic forces a bad repair apart.


Conservatives makes us pay out MORE in compensation than the COST of fixing the holes!


Just one pothole can result in many compensation claims; far beyond the cost of fixing the hole, which doesn’t seem to bother Conservative Surrey County Council. They’ve paid out fortunes in compensation in recent years – and more fortunes to contractors filling the same potholes over and over again, year after year.


Road repair contractors are the winners…


Because the Conservative Council doesn’t properly monitor the standard of road repairs, contractors can get away with shoddy repairs - and are called back again and again AND AGAIN to fix the same holes. It’s Surrey council tax payers who get the bill.


Meanwhile in Poland…!


British taxpayers’ money is being used to fund a huge road building programme in Poland, where the government spends around 50% more than us on roads, despite having a fraction of the traffic. Poland can do this because it receives around £10 billion a year from the EU, much of it British taxpayers’ money. UKIP would stop this nonsense by leaving the EU.


Surrey Comet newspaper reports:  'Surrey tops county list of pothole claims by motorists'


Surrey, worst county in England for potholes, and it's 100% Tory controlled.


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