Conservatives DOUBLE the National Debt in just five years...

It just keeps getting bigger.

Conservatives DOUBLE the National Debt in just five years...

Published on Fri, 11/11/2016 - 19:04

The Conservatives have DOUBLED the National just 5 years.


The Tories are spending just like Labour. The National Debt is now over £1.6 trillion. The interest alone is £1 billion a week - that’s more than the entire defence budget. ‘Deficit reduction’ is a red herring, the ‘growing economy’ is largely spin; our economy is reliant on 'printed' money.


Conservatives cannot fill a pothole, never mind keep the nations finances straight.


The ticking bomb of Conservative debt


The National Debt monster in three charts - The Daily Telegraph


More examples of obscene Government waste


We buy FAR MORE from the EU than they buy from us! Now there is a huge deficit...


UK's trade deficit in goods with EU hits record high, The Daily Telegraph


The UK’s trade deficit with the European Union in goods has widened to its largest level on record, reflecting sterling's ascent against a weakening euro. The goods deficit with the EU grew to £8.1bn in October, a record level, according to Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures. The deficit with the EU was driven largely by the UK’s trade with members of the ailing eurozone group of countries. The value of the euro has fallen against the pound since the start of the year, reflecting the weakness of the currency bloc and the extension of a quantitative easing scheme by the European Central Bank. Read more HERE.


Anthony Hilton in the Evening Standard says 'Trade Deficit is a disaster waiting to happen': CLICK HERE

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