Huge numbers turn out to celebrate two years since the referendum

And the pro-Brussels British news 'forgot' to film this...

Huge numbers turn out to celebrate two years since the referendum

Published on Sun, 24/06/2018 - 22:30

Huge numbers of UKIP members turned out to celebrate two years since the Referendum!!


Saturday the 23rd of June was the 2nd anniversary of the Referendum two years ago, decisively won by 'LEAVE' but still moaned and whined about by the Brussels loving 'remainers', large numbers of whom have no idea what the EU is really all about. The EU project is very deliberately destroying individual nation states in Europe to form one ghastly globalist/socialist centrally controlled monster, dishing out passports every year to nearly a million non-europeans, mostly people from Africa, North Africa and the Middle East. Democracy is pushed aside in the EU in favour of powerful lobbies from big business, which has helped the bad losers propagate the myth that the only issues about the Referendum were related to trade.


Put simply, we don't need to be in the EU to trade with the EU and we buy far more from them than they do from us, so they need us more! We can dictate the terms.


And when we leave, we can get control of our borders again and start on the road to being as rich as Switzerland, which has never been an EU member and doesn't want to be, because the Swiss are not fools!




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