Anna Soubry, another windbag Tory lying about the EU just like so many other MPs

Anna Soubry, another windbag Tory lying about the EU just like so many other MPs

Anna Soubry, another windbag Tory lying about the EU just like so many other MPs

Published on Tue, 15/01/2019 - 20:38

ANNA SOUBRY: 'Muslims could teach white Brits many a good thing' - CLICK HERE


It's a LibLabCon - Britain's three main parties ALL bow to Brussels, don't be fooled by a few 'anti' EU MPs.


By UKIP's Jeremy Wraith


Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem supporters believe their parties will do the best for them and our country BUT nothing could be further from the truth.


All three parties want to stay in the EU and thus clearly want:


·       To prevent the UK making its own trade deals with the expanding market in the rest of the world.


·       To make the UK stay in the diminishing EU trading cartel that has currently already cost the UK a deficit of £1.7 trillion since 1973 and to increasing this vast trading loss.


·       To saddle the UK with a £190+ billion overhead on our economy due to being in the EU.


Watch this funny spoof of 'Dragon's Den' of the joke that is the European Union: CLICK HERE


·       To give the EU complete control of UK territorial waters, thereby making thousands of UK fishermen lose their jobs and the UK to lose over £1 billion’s worth of trade every year.


·       To give the EU complete control of all our laws and courts.


·       To give the EU complete control of all our armed forces, including our nuclear deterrent, paid for and maintained by UK taxpayers and making the UK rely on the EU for all our intelligence and defence activities.


·       Make all UK households pay up to an extra £1,000/annum due to the EU’s customs union.


·       To give the EU £billions every year in budgetary payments, adding to the £275 billion net we have currently already given them.


·       To risk our current taxpayers and their children having all their working lives to support and subsidise the enormous liability of €30 trillion for EU pensions.


·       To support the EU’s banking system and EU financial systems up to £1 trillion when any of the Italian, Greek, Portuguese and Irish economy’s and/or the euro collapses.


·       The UK to lose all control of its borders and enter the Schengen region by 2022 as clearly laid down in the Lisbon Treaty. 


·       The UK to be progressively asset stripped further by the EU, the most recent case being the £110 million grant from Slovakia to Jaguar to move production to Slovakia.


·       Eventually, to abolish the £sterling and adopting the euro, costing UK taxpayers many £billions.


·       To abolish effectively UK government in Westminster and for the UK to be subject to legislation being produced by the EU with little or no input by our so-called elected representatives.


This will effectively disenfranchise the UK population.


So, do all the people who vote Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem in general elections really want all the above actions, or even any one of them? In doing so they are destroying the UK as an independent, sovereign and democratic nation and making the UK a vassal state of the EU. In the process, they are committing all UK citizens, except the EU’s favoured few, to being second class citizens all the time we are in the EU.


The Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties are all unfit for service. They promise to carry out actions in their election manifestos and then do not carry them out when in Government. The latest example is obviously the democratic Brexit vote, which is being thwarted at every opportunity by Theresa May and many Conservative and other MPs. More insidiously, they have not, for the last 50 years or so, declared their real intentions when they get into power.


That is their main mission, which is to turn the UK into a vassal state of the EU involving all the deletorious results above.


Hopefully, the voters will, in the future vote for UKIP, which is made up of people with the interests our great country as its first and only priority.



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